Chris Lema: Launching Your Site

Topic: Launching Your Site
Let’s assume you picked a domain name, hosting provider and even did one of those cool one-touch installs. Now what? Chris is going to show you his Launch List – a checklist of everything he knows and does to get sites up fast (under 10 minutes) and break it down so you can do the same. If you are new to WordPress and the phrase ‘FTP’ freaks you out – Chris assures us that FTP will not be involved.

Chris LemaChris Lema started working on web sites in 1994 and has been leveraging the magic of WordPress since 2005. A native of Orange County, he’s just moved back to Southern California after twenty years in the Bay Area where he started & sold two startups, turned two more around, and coached a series of entrepreneurs. In almost every case he used WordPress as his secret weapon, until he mistakenly spilled the beans on how easy it was to use. Today he’s fast approaching 10,000 hours on the platform he uses every day for work, personal projects, and fun.

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  1. Kate McKena says:

    Great speaker! Great info! Thanks Chris!

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