Cody Landefeld: Strategic Approach to Theme Design

Topic: Strategic Approach to Theme Design
As a designer or person building a website you need to be able to know how to approach your website project. I will be focusing on what items you need to consider before beginning your design and website content plan, along with some helpful examples of how we have helped other reach success with their theme design and website.

Cody LandefeldCody Landefeld is the owner and CEO at codyL. He is a creative consultant, speaker, web strategist, and designer for the web. Beginning out of college in 2000, he began working for entertainment entities building interactive design projects and creating websites. In 2005 he launched codyL as a website and design agency focused on helping people build their projects and have success on the web.

Currently focusing on consulting and helping clients engage their target audience on the web, codyL can provide the plan, development, team, and continued support in order to launch your project and see it become successful.

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