Marcy Massura: Visually Speaking

Topic: Visually Speaking: conveying your brand message with design, layout and visuals.
Clever url, great content but something just doesn’t feel right. We will take a look at maximizing your website real estate, and discuss the power of photos, logos and yes, even the dreaded color story. Think these things don’t matter? They do! Visuals make the difference between an okay site- and an awesome one. Let’s find ways to put your over the top!

Visually Speaking: conveying your brand message with design, layout and visuals.Based in Orange County, California, Marcy Massura is a Digital Community Manager at Weber Shandwick.  In addition to developing social strategies for numerous high-profile clients this award-winning international agency represents, Marcy serves as the digital voice for Oscar Mayer and Lunchables within the social media space.  Her love of writing inspired her to create Smartly, a network of regional websites showcasing essays from a national collective of writers. Additionally, Marcy is Co-Founder and President of the largest North American regional blogging organization, BlogCrush.  She is also heavily involved in several other websites, where she contributes essays, photography and video on a weekly basis.  She maintains her own popular humor website The Glamorous Life Association, and speaks as often as possible spreading her passion and joy for all things social. Her second book “How to Play with Words and Make Them Do (great) Things” is expected for Spring 2012.

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  2. Kate McKena says:

    Marcy…. Good presentation — very animated ;o) — and you handled that very well! Thanks for the tips and resources!

  3. I tried to look for tickets to the camp in May but apparently they are sold out. I would still like to speak with you regarding my site. Please call me at (949) 412-8161. I live in Irvine California and I am very commutable to most areas of the County and Southern California in general.

  4. I am just beginning to work with Word Press and am a non technical person so I am groping in the dark. I see that there was an Orange Couty event just past and as would be the case I found out about it today and the event has already passed.

    I am a veteran and my wife is a licensed clinical psychologist, psychoanalyst and we are very much concerned about the young men and women coming home from Afghanistan and Iraq suffering from thi problem. Thre are now on average 18 nsoldiers a day committing suicide and this obviously is a problem where help is needed.

    We can’t help until a site is built. Do you have any detailed suggestions where I can start?

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