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BuddyPress is a bolt-on social networking plugin that will allow you to turn your blog into a multi-featured social networking site similar to Facebook. Suzette will walk you through installation and basic configuration of BuddyPress and provide an overview of the functions of BuddyPress and what it is capable of. Suzette will also cover parent/child themes and some useful examples of great plugins that work well with BuddyPress to add functionality. This session will assume you know the WordPress, how to do basic theme modifications, and install plugins. Whether you are a seasoned developer or a BuddyPress beginner, there will be useful tips and troubleshooting for every level.

Suzette FranckSuzette Franck, a California native, web developer at Kussner IT, and owner of Websmith Solutions, is passionate about fostering online collaboration over the Internet and is dedicated to making the power of web publishing accessible to the masses. Her goal is to teach BuddyPress to those interested in creating an online presence utilizing WordPress’ social networking tools for their small business, group, or club. Suzette has extensive experience in intranet development, training, and documentation spanning over 15 years including building an intranet at a 24/7 Computer Helpdesk at a Cedar’s Sinai Hospital and Intranet Manager at Xdrive Technologies. She has created and currently maintains over 100 WordPress sites and enjoys teaching others about plugins and building themes. In her spare time, Suzette is a purveyor of the new contemporary art scene and loves to assist artists in creating online portfolios to showcase their work.

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  3. Michelle Elizabeth says:

    I am so excited to see this presentation! I know quite a few people who have hired Suzette to redesign their webpages and I was blown-away at the creative solutions she implemented. I have admired her work for years, so I am beyond stoked to see her name on the Word Camp agenda and to have this opportunity to learn from the best in the biz. Teach me some Buddy Press web wizardry, Suzette!

  4. Jackstin says:

    This is gonna be great! we’d love to hear some input on how to get this started on some of our sites.

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