Todd Huish: Multisite/Network

Topic: Multisite/Network
This Multisite/Network thing seems like something you should know about. Lots of people use it and a lot of work goes into it but you’re left wondering: why do I care and what new complications does it introduce into my life? I’ll take you through the setup and the changes you’ll have to make to your platform to fully support it. We’ll also talk about what multisite brings to the table, what caveats you now face by using it as well as how, if you’re a designer or developer, multisite can save you a whole lot of time.

Todd HuishTodd was an unsuspecting IT guy until he stumbled across PHP and MySQL. Until that moment, he hadn’t realized what was missing from his life. He thinks they go together better than peanut butter and chocolate and spent the next decade proving it. He went to his first WordCamp in January ’09 and was bitten by the bug pretty bad. A self described WordCamp groupie, he’s been to over a dozen since that first fateful one. He co-founded 9seeds with John Hawkins and together they make WordPress do things no one knew it could in all kinds of inventive ways. He almost definitely colored his hair to coordinate with this event.

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